Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Your 2022 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Typically, we are drawn to buying gifts from big businesses during the holiday season due to the perceived ease of it. While you might find things that suit a loved one’s interests, needs, or wants, you’re often limited to the fads of the holiday season. 

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However, it’s never too early to be on the lookout for holiday gifts. Nobody wants to be scrambling at the last minute to find presents for their loved ones, so keeping your eyes peeled year-round is important. Buying from non-traditional sources, like pawn shops, adds a layer of authenticity to your gifts. You’ll find many one-of-a-kind items in pawn shops, which can help you in your search for the perfect gift, even for the most difficult individuals to buy for. 

Here’s your 2022 guide to gift buying for the holidays. 

Christmas Gift Deals

It can be tempting to simply go to a mall or do a bunch of online shopping for all of your Christmas gifts. However, we believe that gifts can be more thoughtful when bought from unique places. A great advantage to shopping for gifts at places like Chicago Super Pawn is that you can get an item in great condition for a significantly cheaper price. 


This is just one of the many upsides of buying gifts from pawn shops and other reputable second-hand retailers. If you’re on a budget, holiday gift buying is no problem. Pawn shops tend to offer a wide selection of goods for economical prices. 

Whether you’re looking for jewelry, tech gadgets, or even musical instruments, Chicago Super Pawn is a great place to begin your gift buying search. Quite frequently, you can get great deals on excellent finds, unlike shops that charge too much for cheaply made items. 

Holiday Gift Guide

It takes skill to become a good gift buyer. The best physical gifts are purchased with sentiment and functionality in mind. This means that unique gifts are often more sought after than gifts that are mass-produced. 

Gift buying, in general, is highly individual. You have to know a person well in order to get them a great and thoughtful gift. This means that you’ll have to put more thought and effort into finding the right present for those who may be particularly difficult to shop for. 

This is where Chicago Super Pawn enters the picture. We offer a vast selection of valuable products for great deals. Visit our website to peruse our gallery of items, or, better yet, come in person and visit us. Our employees are happy to help you out on your journey to finding the perfect gift. 

Trending Gifts in 2022 


In 2022, unique gifts are a must. It’s important to think outside the box when buying for your friends and family. Let’s be honest: vintage is in, and our shop has got quite a few vintage objects and articles. From clothes to bikes to electronics, your trendy friends and family will appreciate the nostalgia that might come with their gifts. 

Going in person and hand-picking the gifts that you want to give is trendy in 2022. So often, we are pressured to simply open a web browser and order the easiest presents we can find. However, you will get a lot more satisfaction from going out and having a hands-on approach to gift-giving. 

Not only will you feel better about yourself and more confident in your gift, but you’ll also be comforted by the fact that you’re giving someone something that is almost one of a kind. You won’t have to worry about others accidentally choosing the same gift for the same person. 

Save on Christmas Gifts with Pawn Shops

At Chicago Super Pawn, we consider ourselves a new sort of neighborhood community bank. We offer the smallest and most flexible loan payments so that you can pay your loan off quickly. Plus, we have one of the best selections of quality products in Chicago

For a more in-depth look at the type of merchandise we offer our customers, you can take a look at our eBay page. There, you’ll find everything from shoes to glasses to more niche collectible items like autographed hockey pucks, DJ turntables, and designer bags. 

There’s truly something for everyone at our shop, from the easiest to the hardest person to buy for. Whether the person you’re shopping for is a tech maniac or a fashion enthusiast, you’ll be able to purchase items that fit their personality for much less than the typical mass-produced products you see pop up around the holidays each year. 

How to Save with Chicago Super Pawn

At Chicago Super Pawn, we’re obviously a Chicago-based shop, but that doesn’t mean that if you live elsewhere you can’t buy from us. Check out our online gallery and our eBay page. If you’re debating whether you should come in and see us in person. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

We’re located in Logan Square, on the northwest side of the city. If you live in the area, we encourage you to stop by to look around at our products. We buy and sell everything from silver, gold, appliances, electronics, clothing, and so much more!

Whether you’re looking to buy for a family member or a friend or even to just treat yourself, it’s worth stopping by. So, if you’re interested in getting a good deal on quality items, give us a call or take a look at our website. 

If you have any questions regarding loans or how we determine the value of items, take a look at our FAQ page. If you still have questions after reading that, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re dedicated to helping you find the best gifts this holiday season!

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