Where Can I Find Cheap Jewelry in Chicago?


Finding cheap jewelry that is high quality can be a struggle! The range of jewelry in the marketplace ranges from five dollars for a gimmicky ring to thousands of dollars for a quality tennis bracelet. Thankfully there is an in-between! It can be hard to find inexpensive but quality jewelry. No one wants jewelry that is going to break after only wearing it two times.

Most jewelry experts will attest to buying quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. However, jewelry is like a fragrance, it can dress an outfit in many different ways. There’s no need to put a large amount of money down for designer jewelry that you find cheaper at your local pawn shop.

Resale jewelry is the best option for buying quality pieces at a fantastic price. Buying quality gifts for Valentine’s Day and anniversary celebrations does not have to break your bank. Pawn Shops have great pieces that are easily refurbished and packaged to be the perfect gift! Finding quality cheap jewelry doesn’t have to be hard to find.

Today, Chicago Super Pawn is showing just that! It means the world to us to make our customers in Logan Square and all over Chicago very happy. Jewelry is one of the highest-grossing items we sell and everyone loves what they purchase. We’re going to discuss what makes quality cheap jewelry and the signs to consider to find a reliable pawnshop for you.

How To Spot Quality Cheap Jewelry

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Spotting quality jewelry for less is easier than you think. If you are local to Chicago, take a stop by Chicago Super Pawn, for an amazing selection at star prices. We’ll set you with a great piece that’ll last a lifetime. You can also view our gorgeous jewelry collection in our online shop!

Here are five signs to look for when trying to spot quality cheap jewelry:

  1. Examine The Jewelry Piece

First and foremost, you want to make sure you fully examine a jewelry piece to ensure quality before purchasing. Make sure to examine the feel of the jewelry piece that is heavy and not light. The metal should feel cold and not flimsy. Inspect the gems on the jewelry piece if it has any.  We recommend getting an expert opinion on whether the gems are authentic or not.

  1. Ask For Guarantees And Offers

When trying to spot quality cheap jewelry, make sure to ask the pawnbroker if they have any guarantees on the jewelry pieces you’re looking at. This just means that they guarantee that it is authentic gold or stone. Most pawnshops have in-house gemologists/jewelry experts to examine the jewelry for you. Expert opinions and additional offers are a major green flag for  pawn shops.

  1. Embracing Resale And Refurbished Items

Resale items are the way to go when looking to get quality lifetime jewelry pieces for a lower price. Jewelry lasts for a lifetime and just because jewelry items are pawned does not mean their quality is wasted. There is so much potential for resale jewelry items. Some pawnshops even offer to refurbish jewelry services. This is great for anyone looking to get quality jewelry at a cheap price for a gift. 

  1. Consider Layaway Programs

Shopping and reselling jewelry also help your wallet and the environment. A lot of pawn shops have loyalty and layaway programs. This means for every purchase you make you earn points to use on other items. If you’re looking to buy cheap jewelry in bulk or for future purchases this is a great option to ask if your local pawn shop has this program.

  1. Keeping An Open Mind

Quality jewelry is usually found when you least expect it. Keep an open mind that your hunt for quality cheap jewelry does not have to be hard. Most people wouldn’t expect amazing designer pieces to be pawned, but you never know what you could find! There have been amazing pieces found at Chicago Super Pawn!

Do’s and Don’ts On Buying Affordable Jewelry

Do’s of Buying Affordable Jewelry

  • Ask For Quality Verification Cards
  • Have An Expert Opinion
  • Invest In Genuine Gemstones 
  • Rich and Deep Color Metals and Gems

Don’ts of Buying Affordable Jewelry

  • Buy Plastic 
  • Buy Diamond Intimidations
  • Buy Low Karat Gold
  • Buy Thin Body Jewelry
  • Buy infused Gemstones

Final Inexpensive Jewelry Tips

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Overall, inexpensive jewelry is a win-win situation for everyone. You find pieces you are proud to own, your local pawn shop owners are supported in your community, and the environment is helped. What’s great about a piece of expensive jewelry found at your local pawn shop is that no one else can find that jewelry piece!

You must find a reliable pawnshop to buy from. They should be open to negotiating prices if you find it fit to. Your local pawn shops should not ask you to name your price first. This is a marketing tactic and you could be manipulated into overbuying. A great pawn shop that knows its market, especially with jewelry. Here in Chicago, Chicago Super Pawn is the leader in Jewelry sales.

You want to make sure you have good knowledge of what you are buying or selling to a pawn shop. It is highly recommended to get a second opinion on the authenticity of any jewelry piece you buy, whether it be resale or brand new. This is because gold-plated jewelry is very different from authentic gold karat pieces. Another inflated jewelry item is gemstones. Manufacturing companies love to infuse gemstones to lessen the authenticity of the stone. Manufacturers make jewelry with infused gemstones to qualify them as being real. For example, a marketing team calling an Amethyst Stone rings real Amethyst, even though it is not fully a true Amethyst Stone.

With all of this being said it’s important to know this knowledge when you’re getting a piece inspected. If any piece looks too bright and is lightweight that is a bad sign. Having quality knowledge in the pricing market of certain jewelry pieces ensures that you won’t be taken advantage of. 

Quality cheap jewelry isn’t hard to find if he keeps an open mind! At Chicago Super Pawn we make it our mission to help our customers in Logan Square, Bucktown, and Wicker Park find pieces that you are proud of or gift without breaking your wallet. 

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